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Hello, welcome to ‘Our Crooked Smile’.  I've set up this web site to draw many long running creative strands together under one banner.  The simplest way to describe 'Our Crooked Smile' is a singing, songwriting, photographic and apparel entity.  I'm active in Music, Photography, T-Shirts, CD covers and Posters essentially.


The site is split into two high level areas:- SIGHT and SOUND;

SIGHT includes Photographic Art, T-shirt design and Poster/Cover art & design.

SOUND includes original solo music plus music from artists that I'm involved with as well as Production and Mastering.

The plan is to establish 'Our Crooked Smile' as a brand and to include other Photographers and Artists across a range of disciplines and become a multimedia ‘label’.  As 'Our Crooked Smile' develops there will be gigs, exhibitions and events. The web site is the foundation that everything will build from. It will change and evolve. 

Explore and click around.  Check out the Shop and take the plunge on ordering anything that takes your fancy. 

New Artists: If you are a musician, band or artist that would like to be involved please get in contact.  I'm open to suggestions and want to support the wider creative community.

Please explore the site and lets us know what you think. Thanks

So what's the Crooked Smile about

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