PhiLLIP Walsh


I have been a musician for a long time. Starting out as a singing drummer and then spending many years as a front man for 'Russian For Money' in England. I picked up the guitar in 2006 but my attempts to learn 'properly' were frustrating. I was keen to get out on stage and in my impatience I threw out the 'Learn how to Play' rule book and started writing in a way that worked for me. My style is unorthodox to say the least with heavy rhythmic qualities, drone notes and dynamic variation.

What you Get - Phillip Walsh
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Standing in the Rain - Phillip Walsh (Our Crooked Smile)
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Let's Pretend - Phillip Walsh (Our Crooked Smile)
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Bridges are Burning - Phillip Walsh (Our Crooked Smile)
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Head shot photo by Michael Villegas

 A poem about my home Town 

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