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 PhiLLIP Walsh

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Debut album 'DOWN TO THE WIRE' out now on Tarbeach Records and Bandcamp. 

Originally from the industrial Northwest of England and now Houston resident, Phillip Walsh is a singer songwriter that encapsulates an independent punk ethic instilled from an early age. Over the years he’s had releases with Russian For Money in England, where he was described as a cross between Ian Curtis and Michael stipe, most recently with Houston’s Texas Mod Crushers where he performed drumming and sometime lead vocals duties. In this next chapter he releases his debut solo album in December on Tarbeach Records.

This is the result of an extraordinary recording session at Houston’s Wire Road Studios. Josh Applebee, at the production and engineering helm, captured Phil’s original songs ranging from acoustic ballad to a squealing beaten electric guitar one off performance. All tied together by Phil’s soaring vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Add in bass lines from The Damned’s Paul Gray and you have an album that takes you on a journey through Phil’s compelling musical stories. As Paul said when thinking about getting involved “Your progressions and chord voicings are quirky on first listen, but I like them...great voice and echoes of Jeff Buckley sprang to mind. Which can't be bad”.

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Head shot photo by Michael Villegas
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