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Metal prints are a hard wearing and vivid way to present images. The finished works do not need to be framed or have a protective glass layer.  Each piece is supplied with professional hanging wire attached so can be mounted with out any additional process.

There are several finishes but I prefer to use the high gloss surface. The color vibrancy and luster of these artworks is striking. The impact cannot be captured on a screen so please do try to see some of these 'in the flesh'. ​

The process works by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The images take on a luminescence. Colors are bright, almost radiant and the detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

​Besides being a higher quality image, metal prints will last longer than a regular photo print; at least 50 years, to be more specific. A photo printed on paper can fade in the light or get easily damaged, but metal prints are durable and resistant to water, weather damage, and scratches. 

Hanging tips

  • Images show best when it is viewed at eye level using indirect or ambient light ​


  • They can work well in dim lit areas and are a perfect solution when decorating dark corners in any room where nothing else works 


  • Do not use a spotlight to enhance the viewing of the piece, it bounces off the metal and usually washes out the image 

  • Avoid placing the artwork in direct sunlight




  • Do not drop it as the metal print may get bent and dented

  • Light clean an aluminum print by gently wiping it using only a soft dry cloth 

  • If needed use any household ammonia free glass cleaner and dry soft cloth 


Sheer matte





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